NTBA 2018 Spring Tryouts Start in November

NTBA 2018 Spring Tryout Schedule

NOTE: 2018 Tryouts Will Begin in February

The NTBA will be holding tryouts through the end of February 2018. We will only be playing one 7U, 9U, & 10U AAA or Major level teams with a total of 11 players on each team.  The first 11 players selected will fill each team. We will only be playing in local tournaments. There will be no travel required and no NTBA teams will play in a league. 

Please continue to check this page for the updated tryout schedule.

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NTBA 2018 Spring Season

About the NTBA

The NTBA is a nonprofit public charity with highly qualified and experienced coaches that volunteer their time to develop players for success. The NTBA believes in quality, not quantity, and is looking for strong players who want to compete at the highest level for the lowest cost.

About the 2018 Spring Season

The NTBA will be playing three teams (7U, 9U, & 10U) during the 2018 Spring season and tryouts will begin in November. All three teams will play at the AAA level in local tournaments. All tournaments will be located within a few hours drive of Plano, TX and there will be no out-of-state travel required.

The NTBA will be holding tryouts starting in November 2017 and lasting through February 2018. We will be holding both indoor and outdoor tryouts, depending on the weather, and will be baselining players at middle-field, infield corners, outfield, base running, pitching, hitting, and catcher.

The NTBA 2018 Spring season will start on March 1, 2018 and last until July 31, 2018. Practices will be 2 hours each, held twice a week in the Carrollton, TX area, and will start as early as February 2018. Each NTBA team will be playing a minimum of 8 tournaments during the 2018 Spring season, with the possibility of adding more if possible.

Our Philosophy

We play to win, but you can expect your player to play in every game. After all, what else are you paying for? This does not mean that we promise a specific amount of playing time, but it does mean that we guarantee that your player will play in every game unless there is a growth opportunity that has been discussed ahead of time.

We are a team, and you are paying to participate. We invite your appropriate and timely input during all practices and games. Feel free to ask us about anything that we are doing or why we are doing it. It is important to us that you clearly understand the reasoning behind our coaching strategies and decisions.

We respect our players and want them to love the game. We will never behave badly towards your player, such as insulting them, ignoring them, excessively yelling at them, or treating them unfairly, and we do not play favorites. All of the NTBA players will be treated equally where hustle at practice and game performance decide starting positions and batting lineups, not just the coach's opinion.

You ARE Paying for Playing Time! "Playing Time" and "Not Playing at All" are Not the Same Thing.

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